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MOD is the last charging and organization solution you'll ever need. It's a modular system that offers a wide variety of components for charging, storage and organization. Choose components based on your device list, space and needs. All components lock together via magnet so you can easily modify the layout for a new look. And MOD grows with you - as you add devices, or the charging technology changes (like Apple's new MagSafe charging for iPhone 12), just add a new component to keep your MOD current.

Solid Cherry contrasts boldly with dark gray vegan felt. Whether it’s on your desk, nightstand, kitchen or living room, it's endlessly customizable.

$15 OFF when you purchase 2 components  /  $40 OFF when you purchase 3 / $70 OFF when you purchase 4 / $100 OFF when you purchase 5

Available Components:

Wireless & MagSafe Charging Accessory Charging Storage & Organization

1 Wireless Charger*

iPad/tablet Stand** Small Storage Pocket
2 Wireless Chargers* Apple Watch (lay flat)** Large Storage Pocket
MagSafe Charger** Apple Watch (stand)** Notebook Holder
2 MagSafe Chargers** Apple Watch (stand)** & Lightning Charger Mini Storage / Pen Storage Combo
  Apple Watch (stand)** & 1 Wireless Charger Multi Pen Storage
  Lightning Charger  
  2 Lightning Chargers  
  USB-C Charger  
  2 USB-C Chargers  


Don't see what you need? Let us know - - we're adding new components all the time.