MagSafe Adapter

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Apple's MagSafe charger allows for super fast 15w charging speeds. This adapter lets you install your MagSafe charger into any of our docking stations. Add this to your purchase of any of our docking stations, or purchase this alone to upgrade your current Loma docking station to enable MagSafe charging. The result is seamless integration and a super clean looirst determine if your selected docking station is "S-Style" or "F-Style" (F-Style's are rectangular and S-Style's are curved). Then choose the option here that matches the one you picked for your docking station.

Note that this item does NOT include the actual MagSafe charger or USB-C wall adapter and we recommend purchasing these items directly from Apple. It also does NOT include the docking station, please visit our docking station page to see all of our options. This listing ONLY includes the adapter piece, and the felt piece that matches your docking station. If you are purchasing with a docking station, you will also receive our standard wireless charger, which you can use as an extra charger elsewhere once you swap it out to install your MagSafe.


Ships within 2 business days via FedEx Express for delivery in 2 business days to US customers and 3 business days to most other locations