Docking Station for Phone/Watch

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Crafted from solid Walnut and topped with soft felt, this docking station keeps your devices charged and well organized. Just place your phone down and it will start charging wirelessly. Your Apple Watch automatically turns into "nightstand mode" when placed on the dock, so you can easily see the time at a glance. It looks great on the nightstand, desk or kitchen counter. This design charges consists of: 1 Wireless Charger and Apple Watch Charging Stand (actual watch charger is NOT included - it's ready to slip your watch charger into). The wireless charger is compatible with all phones, AirPods and ear buds that are capable of charging wirelessly. A wall adapter is included (US buyers only).

SIZE - .75 inches tall (19 mm), approximately 7 inches deep (178 mm) and 9 inches wide (229 mm)